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Prez's Corner - November 2003

Almost always having been a rebel without a clue, it baffles me how I ended up in a leadership role. My philosophy had always been, I wouldn't join any club that would have me as a member.

Dennis and Steve have done a great job of setting up this web site and giving the past members of the 374th RRC an opportunity to take a stroll down memory lane and to share those memories with friends and family. Also, through their hard work, theyve put a number of us back in touch with guys that were our best pals in Vietnam.

Through the twists and turns that our lives take, we often lose touch with those that are important to us; people that made a difference in our lives; people that taught us life lessons and attitudes that are still a part of us today.

We share a common bond, which can never be duplicated, and joins us to a traumatic place and time. It was the friendships and comradely that helped me maintain at least a semblance of sanity (okay not a real good semblance) while in country. That comradely and understanding was sorely missed, when I returned to civilian life. It was years before I realized how much Vietnam had affected me, and many more years, before I was able to deal with all the negative baggage I carried around.

Now, Im glad I joined this exclusive club. The original initiation membership fees were quite expensive and were paid in time, youth, trauma, blood, sweat and tears. The yearly maintenance fee is rather cheap and is paid in dollars. Please join today and keep up your yearly membership. As Prez, I can only promise no new taxes. But, I would like to try to collect photos from everyone and get them on a CD to be distributed to all members. A password or codeword protected address book for current members to keep in touch would be nice.

Also, I know each of us kept in touch with one or two other people or at least remember some names, Id like to attempt to establish some continuity and order of battle on who was in the Company and the years they served.

Were open to any suggestions or comments regarding the web page, you can contact Steve, Dennis or I at the listed email address.

Thank you,

Ronald E. Usiondek