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Remember When and Who????

Mike MacDonald remembers: "One day in late 1968 or so, Det 3's OIC and three of us took a jeep drive west of LZ Oasis toward the Cambodian border. I'd say we drove ten miles or so when all of a sudden about a hundred yards off to our right there was a huge explosion. At the time I thought it was our arty fire. Never was sure. It really woke us up. Anyway, the OIC immediately ordered the jeep to be turned around nd we drove back to Oasis in an orderly, but 'hasty' fashion. Only in ASA. -- Who was that OIC and the other two on this day?" If you know the answers, please e-mail Mike at
Steve Zawacki remembers: "I believe it was at LZ English with Det 2 (with 3rd Brigade, then) that we had a poker game one night. Pinochle was the usual game, but tonight for some reason, poker occurred. To cover a bet (approx $20), one person placed his Yashica 10X50 binoculars on the table. I ended up with the binos. Who was that person who bet the binos?" If you know the answer, please e-mail Steve at